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Fall of Isaac Live at Spirits

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March 01, 2017
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March 01, 2017
Spirits Food & Friends
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
 Fall of Isaac is a collaboration of experienced musicians located in Central Louisiana. The band consists of talents that have withstood the tests of rock modernization and continue to build on inspiration and raw emotion.

Jason Myatt - Has performed with many classic rock coffee house style acts like Tyler Town and more; however, the man can throw down by giving his acoustic sounds a rest from time to time by primarily now employing more aggressive electric voicing.

Equip: PRS and Fender electric and Taylor acoustic guitars, Mesa/Boogie amps, Sure mics, and Dunlop accessories

James Douzart - James has contributed to the CENLA music scene from 2000 and survived the slump days of rock that Alexandria has faced. He has performed with acts such as Collision, Knotch, and Neutral Ground which ultimately went on to perform in front of major labels such as Epic and Atlantic Records. James employs the industry standard of gear, and contributes his edgy and thick riffs along with fluid-like melodies.

Equip: PRS, Ibanez, and EVH Wolfgang electric and Taylor acoustic guitars, Sennheiser mics, Boss effects, Mesa/Boogie amps, and Dunlop accessories

Joey Cooksey - No stranger to the scene and drummers alike, Joey along with James have seen the CENLA scene begin, hit its prime, and slow to a blistering halt a few years back. But as dedicated as the musicians are, the end was not permanent, including Mr. Cooksey. Joey and James have worked together on several projects throughout the years, including Knotch and Neutral Ground. His kit has been modified from his earlier years of the "every performing guitarists' nightmare" of a drum dominated stage to a more simplified one, allowing him to expand his style.

Equip: Premier shells and hardware, DW hardware, Zildjian and Paiste Cymbals, Remo heads, and Vic Firth sticks.

Ryan Werner - Born into a military family, Ryan has toured the globe. He began his music career as a young guitarist In Europe with a garage band, and has flourished into the musician he is today. As a multi-instrumentalist, Ryan has covered many roles in the past 30+ years. In mid-2015, Ryan was introduced to FOI and hasn’t looked back. With many years of musical experience, and in multiple roles, he has pushed forward to keep an honest; yet, mainstream sound. While able to pull out the old school riffs of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and millennium, Ryan strives to make music that is modern and "ear"gasmic in hopes you enjoy what they create with the band. 

Equip: PRS and Fender guitars, Line 6 amps, and Dunlop accessories

Chase Morace - Chase started playing bass in 2000 beginning a project with the band Black 7 continuing until 2008. they played multiple venues on the Louisiana circuit ranging from Leesville to Shreveport and Monroe. Morace decided, like many other artists care to admit, family cannot be replaced, and a hiatus be necessary to start a career and focus on his own. Back in 2013 and playing with many different groups, the call came to join the Fall of Isaac lineup.

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