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Second Saturday at the Museum

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February 11, 2017
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February 11, 2017
Alexandria Museum of Art

Current Exhibitions:

Beyond Mammy, Jezebel & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women

December 2, 2016-February 18, 2017

Since the antebellum era, the concept of Black female strength has posed a challenge to ideas of femininity and race. While certainly providing an image of power, the Strong Black Woman role model demands an impossible standard of female behavior; she must eternally be hard-working, long-suffering, ethical, sassy, sexy, and self-reliant.  Stories of Black women’s limitless capacity to nurture others, their willingness to sacrifice for family, their unswerving loyalty, and boundless Earth Mother sexuality abound within historical and contemporary cultural lore. And while inspiring respect and admiration, the Strong Black Woman is ultimately denied the ability to fail, to suffer, to fall from grace – for to demonstrate the human frailty afforded to others is to relinquish her power and become her antithesis: the Victim. The Strong Black Woman thus earns our respect, but not our empathy. Curated jointly by the InterDisciplinary Experimental Arts Space at Colorado College and the Alexandria Museum of Art from the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, Beyond Mammy, Jezebel, & Sapphire features images of and by Black women. The exhibition examines the trope of the “Strong Black Woman”, uncovering the opportunities and dangers that this characterization creates for Black women. From the suffering mama, to the stoic victim, to the sassy broad – the images presented in the exhibition question and overturn entrenched archetypes of Black femininity. Frankly addressing idea such as frailty, sexualized power, and racially bounded ideals of beauty the exhibition presents us with compelling and nuanced examinations of multiple Black female identities and experiences.

Faculty & Friends: Reminiscing

December 2, 2016-February 18, 2017

In its forty-year history, the Alexandria Museum of Art has been associated with multiple talented artists in a variety of ways. Faculty & Friends: Reminiscing features thirteen artists who have had a strong connection with the museum at various times in its history.  These artists served the museum as employees, board members, LSUA professors, and volunteers and have played a key role in the success of the museum, no matter their position.      

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Art is more than entertainment. Art is the most precious brain trust we have among the many treasures within our families, our cultures, our nation, and our world. Art outlives each of us, and is the purest history of the human spirit - not only what we are, but what we dream of becoming.    read more...

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